Veterans Service Office

105 Hospital Road  Sonora, CA 95370

(209) 533-6280 Fax: (209) 533-6282

The California Association of County Veterans Service Officers (CACVSO) is an organization of professional veterans advocates. In California the County Veterans Service Officer plays a critical role in the veteran’s advocacy system and is often the initial contact in the community for veterans services. Through the County Veterans Service Officer the CACVSO is committed to California counties to provide a vital and efficient system of services and advocacy to veterans, their dependents, and survivors. The CACVSO promotes legislation and policy at both the state and federal levels that is supportive of veterans rights and issues that are in harmony with our national obligation to veterans of the United States armed forces. The association provides a medium for the exchange of ideas and information, training, and support to facilitate the delivery of services to nearly three million California veterans.

The CACVSO recognizes the importance and merit of the Congressional charted veterans service organizations, and is committed to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship for the common good of all veterans. It is the intent of this organization that every veteran residing in California receives the benefits and services to which they are entitled by law and moral obligation.

When you come into the Tuolumne County Veterans Services Office you will be referred to a service officer for assistance. The Senior Service Officer, Beth Barnes, has a compassionate understanding of the problems, which confront veterans, widows, widowers, and children. Sher knows the extent, the meaning, and the application of laws that have been passed by the U.S, Congress in the interests of veterans and their dependents. She also knows the rules and regulations adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs to clarify and implement those laws. Beth will apply specialized knowledge in the best way suited to the needs of every individual veteran or other beneficiary who comes to the Sonora office for assistance.


If you are a:
Widow of a veteran
Child of a deceased or disabled  veteran
Parent who lost a son or daughter in military service
And you have questions about:
– Compensation
- Pension
- School Benefits
- Life Insurance
- Medical Benefits
- Home Loans
- California veterans state benefits
- Burial benefits
- Discharge upgrade

The CACVSO offers information and referral for:
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment
- Hospitalization
- Outpatient medical and dental treatment
- Alcohol and drug dependency treatment
- Home loans
- Small Business Administration












- Claims assistance
-  Client advocacy
- Case maintenance
-Information and referral
– VA health services
- VA veterans centers
- VA regional offices
-  Cal-Vet home loan assistance


Veterans Plates  

You can proudly and publicly display your status as a veteran, or support of veterans:
- To show compassion to the injured or hospitalized veteran.
- To honor veterans lost in service along with those veterans families.
- To affirm your status as a veteran or as a member of a veterans family.
- To those Americans on active military duty or serving in the reserves.
- To the members of our veterans service organizations.
- To veterans who gave their all!
At the same time, you support legitimate veterans services throughout the state. Over 100 official full-color military and veterans organization logos have been approved for placement on your Vets Plates. For more information Contact
The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a service which allows a person to check whether a specific personalized license plate is available.













College Fee Waiver

County Veterans Service Officers are authorized to administer the College Fee Waiver Program for Veterans’ Dependents. Considering the fees at California’s universities and colleges, this program is a valuable benefit to veterans and their families. The Waiver of fees applies to California State Universities, University of California campuses, and California Community Colleges. Benefits are awarded on an academic year basis, and students are require to reapply each year. To obtain eligibility requirements and assistance in applying for these valuable benefits, please contact Beth Barnes at (209) 533-6880 or email at
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